What is Integrative Life Coaching ?

Integrative Coaching is about going inside for answers.  This form of personal coaching guides you to tap into your own inner wisdom for answers and gives you tools to integrate the work for lasting change.

Integrative Coaching is perfect for people who have feelings of hopelessness, confusion and a sensation of being stuck. These are natural feelings for people who are a candidate for Integrative Coaching.  I guarantee that if you work this coaching model you will replace those feelings with hope, faith, courage and confidence.  The healing of your heart is possible.

The coaching models, Spiritual Divorce and Blueprint Shadow Coaching, were created and inspired by Debbie Ford and The Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching.  I have been personally trained by Debbie Ford and her team of coaches/leaders.  What makes the Debbie Ford method so effective are “break-through” proprietary coaching techniques that quickly bring to the surface underlying beliefs about ourselves that keep us “stuck” and hold us back.  I use specific processes to help unblock deep, underlying commitments that keep us repeating the same, unrewarding patterns.

As a Certified Integrative Coach and a Certified Life Coach, I will support you through your personal transformation.  By doing this work with me, you will gain deeper access to your inner wisdom and strength to make lasting life changes. My work is specifically designed to help people recognize and distinguish the clear, quiet guidance of the heart from the ever-present internal chatter and judgments of the mind.