When someone does not yet know how to love themselves, relationships are often clouded by self-sabotage. As human beings, our core nature is love, and to realize this is to practice self-love naturally. When you find love and acceptance for the person that you are, you make choices that promote happiness, not suffering. Sometimes the mind and subconscious can hold onto negative interpretations of yourself and others. I can help you to find healing, and to move beyond emotions and beliefs that may limit your ability to love yourself and others.

The partner you draw into your life reflects the amount of love you have for yourself. I would be grateful for the opportunity to work with you to create and design the relationship you deserve, a loving relationship that feeds your body, mind, and soul.


  1. Be mindful of the thoughts you have towards yourself, most importantly in the morning and right before bedtime.
  2. Counteract negative thoughts towards yourself with positive ones: for each negative thought you notice, speak a positive one to yourself instead.
  3. If possible, limit your contact with people that do not add to your feelings of goodness. Learn to not engage and have the wisdom to know when to walk way.
  4. Be open to forgive yourself for the parts of your past that hold feelings of regret and shame. You can try saying aloud to yourself, “I forgive myself for the ending of any relationship that has caused suffering to myself and others.”
  5. Find ways to begin listening to your inner needs. Do something you enjoy where you can take time to ask yourself what your greatest needs may be.
  6. Trust your own intuition.
  7. Before you take an action or make a decision, ask yourself, does this decision contribute to my happiness and health, or does this decision lead me away from my personal truth and relationship goals?