Shadow Relationship

one sad caucasian couple man and woman crouching back to back in studio silhouette isolated on white background

Let me first explain the term “Shadow” in regards to the psyche. Our shadows (which we all have) are unconscious aspects of our personality which the conscious part of ourselves is not totally aware of.   Sometimes it’s called “the dark side.”   It’s all those things you’re afraid of being exposed – things in your life you feel guilt or blame or regret about.  Shadows also show up as qualities you see in others that drive you crazy.  They are all those parts of ourselves that are unhealed or wounded.  These wounds get tucked away in the subconscious, then they come out as dysfunctional coping skills, like reactions, addictions, and masking – choices made out of fear and codependency.

A shadow relationship is when the relating you are doing in a relationship is out of your wounds and unhealed parts of yourself instead of your heart/soul center.  A shadow relationship could look like a relationship that is one of constant triggering between partners and it eventually becomes unbearable and toxic for both parties. It is very difficult to build a loving, compatible relationship when you are relating out of old wounds and hidden sabotaging belief systems plus unhealed traumas from the past. The mind and the subconscious will continue to hold on to repetitive patterns and emotional blocks that need healing. This is why you need a coach!  With the assistance of a coach, these blocks can be brought into awareness.

As your coach, together we can do the coaching model called Blueprint Shadow Coaching (developed by Debbie Ford).  Together we will look at your shadow belief systems, your underlining commitments and your automatic negative thinking that are connected to your relationships.   Together we can find repeated patterns that have been life-long that trickle down into the relationship. The Blueprint Shadow Coaching is guaranteed to give you new positive perception about your present or future relationships. New beliefs and new perception will be added. The process will allow you to be committed to Peace. It’s a process that redesigns your emotions for a new relationship relating in the present and future.  Together we can spark your heart connection with yourself which will help you to embrace a heart and soul connection with your partner. This heart / soul connection allows you to have a loving flow of energy with everyone in your Life.